Panbio Covid Test Kit New Entrant to Self Test Coronavirus

As the news pouring in that the third wave coronavirus in India would start from August, people need to be more cautious than ever. Apart from using sanitizers, masks and social distancing doing covid tests in case of doubt is very crucial. The new entrant Abbott Panbio Covid Antigen Self Test Kit will come in handy to get quick results and take necessary action.

The new coronavirus self test kit Panbio is the product of pharma company Abbott. The Covid-19 self test device is a single use item. The sample should be collected using a nasal swab from the nose and then using the provided equipment the test is conducted. The user will get confirmation results in approximately 15 minutes. As the result about Covid positive or negative is out just in minutes, public can take quick decisions of visiting a doctor.

Abbott Panbio Covid Antigen Self Test Kit is made in Korea and the company boasts of it as a high accuracy self test kit in India. The coronavirus self testing kit contains a swab, bag, tube rack, buffer bottle, tube, blue cap, test device and a instruction manual.

You can see the Panbio usage video here.

You can buy pack of two Panbio Covid Antigen self test kit on the ecommerce website like amazon for Rs 650. It costs Rs 325 for single test. It is also available at many medical stores across India.

Please do read the instruction manual carefully before doing the tests.