What are Indians doing during Lockdown ?

The coronavirus pandemic has shown us what kind of things can happen in real that we have seen only in the movies. Virus spread in the world and complete shutdown. India is also experiencing the same. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced a lockdown of the country on 24 March, 2020. It was just a sudden decision that things came to a halt in this highly populated country with a big brake. A 21 days lockdown that no one, at least common people didn’t expect. People were just relaxing after “Janata Curfew” on 22nd March.

In the lockdown period new way of life has begun for most of the Indians who haven’t experienced this kind of situation. People are struck in the travel. Trains, busses, flights and other public transport systems are stopped only except the emergency services. Indian people started to realise that things outside are getting serious, so many have decided to cooperate with the lockdown and staying at home.

For school going children these sudden holidays are fun, while most of the kids are watching their TV shows and also fighting with their siblings, some are still carrying the burden of studying at home.

Housewives now are the biggest victims of this lockdown, continuously cooking food, washing dishes, clothes, house cleaning, keeping children in order, fulfilling husband wishes and cursing themselves and the lockdown is clearly seen in many households.

Husbands who used to daily go to work and return at night are now mostly seen in banians and torn T shirts with shorts and lungis. They either torturing their wives or getting tortured by them. Most of the men are stationed in front of the televisions checking for the coronavirus updates while munching on the regular food supply by wives. We cannot ignore the truth that many are also worried about the financial future, business losses and job loss risk that is caused by this corona crisis lockdown.

While this is the status of the regular people. Lovers are seriously in distress because of the lockdown as they couldn’t meet. They could still do that by chatting on Whatsapp by hiding from parents but things are not that easy as parents are constantly keeping an eye on them. As someone said 21 days creates a habit, maybe this is time to breakup or make your love more stronger.

While grocery, vegetable and pharmacy stores are busy selling all the other businesses are shut down and facing an uncertain future. People working in emergency services like healthcare, police, municipal, fire services and many others are still at job trying to stop the spread of coronavirus. Now our job is to stay at home, keep yourself, family and the country safe.