Parliament Canteen New Rate List Will Cost You More

The food at Parliament canteen is not cheap anymore. The Central Government has removed subsidy given on the food at the eatery. The Lok Sabha Secretariat has released a new price list in which single chapati will cost you Rs 3. As part of the cost cutting measures the Government has released new menu with increased rates before the 2021 budget.

parliament canteen new rate list and menu

The cheapest food item as per the Parliament canteen new rate list is Chapati for Rs 3 and the costliest item is Non Veg Buffet for Rs 700. As we compare with the old prices the Rs 65, Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani will now cost Rs 150. The veg meals price at Parliament canteen is Rs 100 and Veg Buffet is Rs 500.

Government expects to save 8 crore rupees a year by removing subsidy on canteen food at the Parliament in New Delhi. The canteen will be operated by Indian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) from now. Earlier Northern Railway was handling the activities.

Indian Parliament Canteen New Rate List and Menu

S.NoMenu ItemSelling Price (Rs)
Inclusive of all taxes
1Aloo Bonda (1 pc)10.00
2Boiled Vegetables50.00
3Bread Pakora10.00
4Chapati (1 pc)03.00
5Chicken Biryani100.00
6Chicken Curry (2 pcs)75.00
7Chicken Cutlet (2 pcs)100.00
8Chicken Fry (2 pcs)100.00
10Dahi Bhat With Pickle40.00
11Dal Tarka20.00
12Dosa Masala50.00
13Dosa Plain30.00
14Egg Curry (2 pcs eggs)30.00
15Finger Chips50.00
16Fish & Chips (Basa Fish)110.00
17Idli with Chutney (2 pcs)20.00
18Idli with Sambhar & Chutney25.00
19Kadhi Pakora30.00
20Kesari Bhat30.00
21Kichdi with Achar50.00
22Lemon Rice30.00
23Masala Dal Vada (2 pcs)30.00
24Medu Vada (2 pcs)30.00
25Mutton Biryani150.00
26Mutton Curry (2 pcs)125.00
27Mutton Cutlet (2 pcs)150.00
28Omelette Masala (2 eggs)25.00
29Omelette Plain20.00
30Vegetable Pakora (6 pcs)50.00
31Paneer Kadhai60.00
32Paneer Mattar60.00
33Roasted Papad05.00
34Poha 20.00
3605 Masla Pooris with Bhaji , Onion ,
Green Chillies & Achar Sachet
37Rice Boiled 20.00
38Rice Kheer30.00
39Salad Green25.00
40Sevian Kheer30.00
41Tandoori Roti (in PH)05.00
42Tomato Bhaat 50.00
44Upma Vermicelli30.00
45Uttapam (10″ Alacarte)40.00
46Vegtable Biryani50.00
47Vegetable Cutlet (2 pcs)20.00
48Frsh Juice (Seasonal)60.00
49Lunch Non Veg (Buffet)700.00
50Lunch Veg (Buffet)500.00
51Mini Thaali Veg50.00
52Vegetable Meal / Thaali100.00
54Sabji (Veg curry)20.00
55Sabji (Dry veg)35.00
57Kachori with Saunth15.00
58Paneer Pakora (4 pcs)50.00

The new Parliament canteen price list with menu is released officially and is up to date.