7 Health Benefits Of Eating Fennel Seeds

fennel seeds benefits

Do you know the health benefits of Fennel seeds. This is popular among food lovers, we all eat a tablespoon of flavorful fennel seeds after eating a meal because it helps in digestion. Fennel seeds are also popularly called as sounf and no dinners, functions and food parties are complete without fennel seeds. Most of the restaurants serve fennel seeds to its customers. We know only about good digestion, but there are other benefits of eating fennel seeds (sounf). 

Benefits of eating Fennel seeds

Improves Eye Health

Eating fennel seeds often can make the eyes glow. Add sugar, almonds and an equal quantity of fennel seeds and make it paste. Mix this mixture with milk and drink it every night. Doing so will improve eyesight in three to four months. 

Relief From Stomach pain

When you are troubled by stomach pain, eat a tablespoon of roasted fennel seeds. The will help in controlling the pain and gives relief from indigestion. 

Good Liver Health 

Fennel seeds help in keeping liver health in good condition. Eat a tablespoon full of honey with two tablespoons of honey daily. 

Relief From Cough

If you are troubled by cough. Try drinking fennel seeds tea for relief. Just boil fennel seeds in water and drink it in the morning and evening. 

Mouth Freshener 

Fennel seeds are good mouth freshener. It prevents bad odor from the mouth. 

Purifies blood

Eating fennel seeds daily help in blood purification.  

Helps In Weight loss

Fennel seeds helps in metabolism which is a good sign for weight loss. 

Fennel seeds are highly nutritious as they contain Fiber, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Manganese. It is used in many food recipes also.