7 Tips For Women To Use False Eyelashes Like A Pro

Women love to do makeup on their eyes as part of the beauty routine. False and artificial eyelashes play a major role in women beauty products. Here are some tips for women to use false or artificial eyelashes like a pro

1.To soften the eyelashes strip bend it back and forth. Doing so will make it flexible and soft. A best quality false eyelashes will come with a soft strip and you can apply it without this practice. You can wrap the lashes around a makeup brush, so they will get a curvy look.

2. To get natural look with artificial eyelashes you need to make some adjustments. For this you need false lashes that are same size as your natural eyelashes. Cut extra length of the false lashes and make sure that the pair of lashes are same length.

3. Before using fake eyelashes apply mascara on your natural lashes, this will create more space for the application of false lashes. This tip makes to remove eyelashes easily as the strip is attached to mascara and not to your natural eyelashes.

4. Apply adhesive on the strip and wait for a minute and then you use it. This tip helps adhesive to stick on to the lashes strip efficiently. The false lashes will stay longer without falling off.

5. Soak cotton buds in a makeup remover and use it to remove the false eyelashes gently. Remove the residual glue using coconut oil. Make sure that oil is not used on the false lashes as it will prevent glue sticking when you use them next time.

6.Read the instructions on the package to clean artificial eyelashes. Some lashes can be washed in hot water with few drops of hand wash liquid.

7. Things will be easy if you use an eyelash applicator for using false eyelashes.