Avoid These Simple Makeup Mistakes and Become A Pro

Makeup is an art and it is not as simple as they are shown on time lapse makeup videos. There are many things that can go wrong and here is the information to enlighten you in avoiding makeup mistakes.

Bollywood celebrity makeup expert Shwetal give us tips to avoid makeup mistakes and become a pro.

Do not ignore to use a concealer

Many women ignore to use a concealer but it is equally important as a foundation. The basic job of a good concealer is to hide the pimple marks, acne, dark spots, scars, dark circles and blemishes to make your face look flawless. So buy a best concealer and try it for your beauty needs.

Right way to do a foundation test

When it comes to buying a foundation we often make the mistake of doing a patch test on the arm but Bollywood celebrity makeup expert Shwetal gives us a tip to select two shades that are closest to your skin tone and try each of it two sides of the cheek area on your face. After 15 minutes the foundation reveals the effectiveness and you can notice how it wears.

Tip to look fair from Bollywood makeup expert

In some cases you might want to make your skin look fair, then use a darker concealer to hide dark spots, dark circles, pimple marks and use a lighter foundation that matches your skin tone. Make sure that you use a full coverage foundation. 

Moisturising the skin is essential

Many women skip the part of moisturising the skin. Before getting ready for makeup skin needs to have moisture as it will help in preventing flaky and patchy makeup. A good moisturized skin will hold the makeup for longer time. Add 2 to  drops of essential oil like lavender in your regular lotion and apply it on the face like a thin pack.

Avoid mascara smearing

Mascara smearing is the most common makeup problem that women have. This simple trick might help you in applying mascara like a pro. Apply it first on the top lid and let it dry and then apply on the bottom eyelashes. Begin with a thin layer and let it dry, apply another thin coat. In case you get smear on the eyelids, use a cotton swab to clean it.