Get Rid Of Chapped Lips With Home Remedies

Chapped lips home remedies for a natural solution

“Winter is coming”, like Jon Snow in GOT, many of us are worried about it but for different reasons. We all have dry chapped lips problem in winter and it is so problematic that when we eat anything spicy lips burn and also feel bad to go outside with this situation.

There lips are one of the delicate parts of our body and it is naturally exposed to cold in winter, heat in summer and other pollutants . So these all conditions could contribute to chapped lips making them dry, flaking and cracking.

There are many lip balms that are said to get rid of chapped lips but they work only for few hours and also they are said to increase drying. The menthol, phenol, camphor and flavoring agents in lip balms might increase this problem.

When you have chapped lips and looking for alternative ways to get rid of it then you try natural home remedies. We will discuss an will let you know about few items to prevent chapped lips and also you can post your comments that help your fellow readers.

Olive Oil: This is the super food that is widely used. As it is considered healthy, you can use a 1 or 2 drops of oil to rub gently on the chapped lips. The oily elements will soften your lips and prevents drying.

Honey: Honey contains anti bacterial and antioxidant properties, so it can prevent any infections and at the same time keep your lips moisturized. Apply 2 drops of honey on chapped lips and gently massage with figures, so that skin absorbs it deeply.

Almond oil: This oil is used in several beauty products as it is considered to be a gentle and healing ingredient for beautiful skin. Gently massage 2 drops of almond oil on the lips. Keep applying it in regular intervals and the chances of you getting relief from chapped lips in 3 days are higher.

Shea butter: It is one good home remedy. Shea butter calms down the the skin and also its moisturizing properties will soothe dry chapped lips. Apply it in regular intervals to get rid of this situation quickly.

Aloe vera: It contains several anti bacterial and soothing elements to help your skin. Apply aloe vera gel from the leaf on your lips and rub it gently so that skin absorb it properly.

Tip 1 : Before applying any of these ingredients, it is better to exfoliate the lips with sugar and honey paste. You can also gently exfoliate with a soft bristles toothbrush.

Tip 2 : These are some home remedies to prevent dry chapped lips but you can also try using a humidifier in the home that can help to retain moisture in the skin.

Tip 3 : Do not touch your lips frequently or lick them as these habits least help you.

Tip 4 : When you are going outside try to use a beeswax lip balm or a vaseline petroleum jelly for chapped lips.

Causes: Chapped lips are usually caused because of excessive cold weather, sun, dehydration, licking lips, lipsticks, lip balms, excess alcohol and certain medications.

If any of these remedies do not work then the best thing you can do is to see a dermatologist.


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  1. I used to apply 2 drops of ghee on my chapped lips. It is home remedy given by grandmother. It works good for me but only downside is that I can use this only when I am at home as the ghee smells a lot. though it is good smell but it is still difficult to handle things when I am outside.

  2. dry and chapped lips problem can be overcome by using butter also. Here shea butter is mentioned but you can also use regular butter. My mom gave this tip to me and I apply butter on the lips daily before going to bed as I noticed that my lips dry most at the night times when I am sleeping.

  3. I am using lip balms only when I go to work or shopping but when I am at home or with close friends and family members I use for my chapped lips.