How Do You Lighten Dark Underarms – Cause and Care

how to lighten dark underarms

Many women like to wear sleeveless dress but they back step from doing so because of dark underarms. We will get to know what is the actual reason that cause the dark underarms and how can we prevent it from happening or reverse the problem. This is advice from Naina a cosmetic skin care specialist.

Dark underarms is a common problem that is observed in many women. So there is nothing to worry and shy away. This condition can begin from 10 years young and can increase as the age grows.

Acanthosis Nigricans a skin order can cause darkening and hardening of skin on knees,  underarms and inner body parts. Sometimes even bad odour can be noticed.

Usually this condition is observed more in people who have dark complexion and also in some people it is caused because of hereditary. The common causes of dark underarms

1) Frequent use of hair removal creams

2)Overweight and obesity can increase the the number of melanocytes which stimulate growth a brown coloured pigment which darkens the skin. Insulin use can also cause the same.

3)Hypothyroidism caused by hormonal imbalance

4) For not using a proper shaving lotion or cream

5) Use of birth control or contraception pills

How do you lighten dark underarms?

There is no simple way to reduce the darkness but consistently practicing the following methods and keeping away from the situations that cause this condition will help in dark underarms treatment.

1)Use a gentle fragrance or smell less moisturizer after shaving, threading or waxing.

2) Keep weight under control.

3) Do no eat foods that contain excess carbohydrates, sugar and fats

4)Eat food that contains antioxidants, vitamins and fiber.

5) Drink plenty of water

6) Do regular exercise as per the food consumed.

Medical Treatment: Consult a skin doctor who can as per your skin condition may treat you with retinoids, kojic acid, calcipotriene and vitamin C based creams. These can help in controlling melanocytes. Dermatologists may advise TCA chemical peel, ND Yag laser or Microdermabrasion as part of medical treatment for dark underarms.

Natural Remedies: Mix a spoon milk powder and honey in potato paste (not boiled) and apply it in the darkened areas and wash it off after 20 minutes.

Daily massage with coconut oil to reduce the dark underarms naturally.