How To Use Rose Water On Face For Amazing Glow

Rose water offers amazing benefits to your skin that you cannot ignore to use it

Rose water comes as one the most used and basic beauty essential. It amazing benefits for beautiful skin and gentleness makes it the popular item that is a compulsory makeup ingredient for many women. Apart from it’s soothing properties rose water helps the skin in rejuvenating and calming. It kind of brings a glow to the skin.

Here are some ways to use rose water for face to get glow and radiance.

Rose water as toner

Surprisingly many of us skip facial toning, but if you are too caring about your skin and beauty, make toning as part of beauty routine. For this you can rely on gentleness of rose water.

Method: After cleansing apply rose water on the face with a cotton swab and let the skin absorb it. You will notice the refreshing feel and the fragrance relaxes you.

The rose water maintains skin pH balance and also cleans oil pores and reduces the chance of getting acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.

Rose water to remove makeup

Removing makeup before going sleep or when not needed is very important part of beauty routine. Many of the makeup removers contain chemicals and alcohol that can be harsh and cause dry skin. For sensitive skin, these can be irrelevant. So at this time rose water can be used as natural makeup remover.

Method: Mix 2 teaspoons rose water and 1 teaspoon almond oil or coconut oil and use a cotton swab to remove makeup gently. As it is chemical free you can also use it to remove eye makeup.

Rose water for skin moisturizing

Keeping skin hydrated is the important factor that contributes for healthy and glowing skin. Harsh weather conditions like extreme winter or sun can reduce the moisture in the skin. To prevent such situation Bollywood celebrity stylist Shraddha advices two things. One is drink adequate water and the other is to use rosewater as hydrating spray or a facial mist.

Method: Try to get a well cleaned empty spray bottle that can fit in your handbag. Fill it with rose water and use it on face whenever you feel dry skin. It not just adds the moisture the skin but also gives a natural glowing skin and not to forget the auroma that it spreads.

Rosewater to reduce eye puffiness

Eye puffiness is caused because of stress, allergies, lack of sleep and eye strain. The fluids that that are accumulated under the eyes cause the swelling. The most used remedy to reduce eye puffiness is by using ice cubes. Just use ice cubes to rub under the eyes to get the relief. An alternative way to reduce eye puffiness is by using rose water.

Method: Place rose water in refrigerator and use cotton swabs and dip them in the cold rose water and place them under your eyes and eyelids. Keep them until you notice soothing effect and relief.

The anti inflammatory properties of rose water rescues you from this situation and rejuvenates the skin by reducing redness.

So these are some of the amazing ways to use rose water on face. If you have any suggestion and more ideas, please comment below in the comment section.