Amazing Benefits Of Jojoba Oil To Look Beautiful

jojoba oil benefits

Jojoba oil is extracted from the jojoba plant nuts. This plant has scientific name Simmondsia chinensis and is found more in Northwestern Mexico, southern California and Arizona. The amazing thing about this oil is that most of skin types absorbs it perfectly. Dry skin and acne prone skin can benefit from using jojoba oil.

How does jojoba oil work ?

Jojoba oil comes from the nuts that grow on jojoba plant. This oil is soft and skin friendly. Usually you can store this oil for two years.

What does jajoba oil contain ?

Jojoba oil smells like nutty. It is a good source of anti Inflammatory elements and fatty acids like stearic, palmitic and oleic. These all elements help in treating skin infections, anti ageing and wound healing. 

This super oil offers wide variety of benefits in hair care and skin care that are important to know to start using. 

What is jojoba oil best for ?

The rich anti inflammatory and moisturizing  properties of this oil help in treating the common hair and skin problems.  A few drops oil can aid in preventing or reducing some fungal infections, acne and dry skin.

What are the benefits of Jojoba oil ?

Moisturizes the skin

Jojoba oil can be termed as the natural moisturizer. This plant based oil is used in many moisturizers. The distinctive nature of the oil is it moisturizes the skin without clogging the pores. It creates a protective layer around the skin and holds the moisture for longer duration. Just put 4 to 5 drops of oil on your palm and spread it on the face and rub it gently in circular motions. You can do this as part of skin care routine after cleansing and toning.

Aid in relief from Face Acne

The healing properties makes jojoba oil face masks make them one of the best beauty product. The antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties can aid in treatment of mild acne and skin damage. The wax ester component helps in this condition.

Mix equal parts of bentonite clay and jojoba oil to a smooth paste. Apply it on face and neck like a pack. Wash it off with water after 15 minutes to get relief from acne. Follow this procedure for three time a week for better results.

Aid in treatment of Fungal Infections

The antifungal effect of jojoba oil fights in treating Salmonella and E Coli. The inflammation caused by fungal infections can be comforted by using this oil.

Help in Anti Ageing

The anti dry skin properties of jojoba oil not just keeps skin  moisturized but also helps in anti ageing. The wrinkles and fine lines on the fore head can lighten with regular use of this oil. The collagen synthesis process of this oil can aid in healing wounds.

Extra benefits of Jojoba oil

  • It can be used as a lip balm to treat dry or chapped lips.
  • When your eyebrows look thin, rub a drop of this oil so that it makes eyebrows look thick.
  • This is the surfeit list of benefits and use of jojoba oil. Before using this oil, do a patch test and proceed.