Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Cream Review-15 Days

Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Cream Review is mainly focused on the quality, effectiveness, side effects and the price of the cream.This review is based on the it’s effect on the skin after 15 days usage.
What does Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Cream  claim ?
It claims to be a breakthrough skin care that is specifically made for Men’s skin.
  • Contains UV filters and licorice extracts that helps in reducing dark spots on the skin.
  • Extra Light
  • Non greasy
  • Fast absorbing
  • Approved dermatologically for skin compatibility.

Ingredients used:
Aqua Glycerin
Celearyl Alcohol
Alcohol Denat
Alkyl Benzoale
Distartch Phosphale and others

First reason I bought this product is to reduce some dark spots on my forehead and on the neck. After researching for few minutes online about dark spot reduction creams, I decide to buy Nivea Dark Spot Reduction cream at price Rs 180 for 75ml flat tin. You too can buy it online or at retail shops for less price.

Why Nivea ?
Yes many may wonder, why did you choose Nivea dark spot reduction ? The answer is simple I have been using Nivea moisturizer from childhood though I missed it for few years I know how it works on the skin. So now it is like moisturizer referred dark spot reduction cream !

Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Cream Review
I opened the good looking Nivea dark spot reduction cream tin. Under the cap the cream is covered by a silver paper, I opened it carefully that it didn’t tear off, wanted to cover it back after the use. The cream looked smooth. I just washed the face with water and took good amount of  Nivea cream into my fingers and put small batches of it all over the face and rubbed it slowly.
What did I notice?

  1. Nivea men dark spot reduction cream easily spreads on the skin.
  2. Absorbs fast like they claimed
  3. When I see into mirror after applying this cream, I noticed that skin looked oily but it feels soft when touched with hands. So it acts as a good moisturizer also.
  4. Felt mild itching on some part of the face when I applied  cream for first time on my face. Second time I didn’t notice any discomfort.
  5. Dark spots didn’t go. It would be foolish to expect result in one day.

So from today I am going to give updates for the next 15 days on how effective is Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Cream on my skin. Did it remove my dark spots? Did it improve my skin colour ? Did it have any negative impact ?

Day 1-(24/7/16) Applied the cream in the afternoon and again before going to bed after cleaning with water. A small bit of cream touched my eyes which I didn’t notice but  after few minutes it started mild burning sensation. Cleaned completely with water. So don’t rush ( like we men always do ) while applying this cream.

Day 2-(25/7/16) On opening the lid, I smelled it like whiskey. May be because of licorice content in the cream. Applied the cream two times in the day.

Day 3-(26/7/16) Face looked more oily today after applying the Nivea cream. Weather is humid at my place. So I had full sweating.

Day4-(27/7/16) Applied cream only in the morning. Did not notice any change in the dark spot reduction.

Day5-(28/7/16) Did not see any change. Observed new acne on forehead.

Day6-(29/7/16) Applied two times in the day. Did not see any noticeable change.

Day7-(30/7/16) Noticed skin getting dark and acne on the forehead haven‘t gone. 

Day8-(31/7/16) Stopped using this cream time being. Sorry guys. I will now use it as body moisturizer.  

What I noticed: I have used it for 8 days only, so I am not sure it will remove the dark spots or not. Acne have come up on my face, so I had to stop using it. May be my skin is not suitable. The only good thing I noticed about Nivea Darkspot cream is that it made by skin soft.


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