The super beauty benefits of Mint leaves

Mint leaves are used in skincare and beauty regime since ages. Most of the new age beauty products contain mint leaves extracts in them. The antibacterial properties in these leaves are super beneficial in achieving in good skin health. Here are the beauty benefits of Mint leaves.

Mint benefits
  1. The loaded nutrients in this kitchen herb will help as a good cleanser, toner and moisturiser for beautiful skin.
  2. People with oil skin have risk of acne. The natural elements Salicylic acid and Vitamin A control sebum oil secretion in the skin which might prevent acne. Make a paste of mint leaves, apply it on face and wash after 15 minutes. The anti bacterial and anti fungal properties will help in getting clear skin.
  3. Dark circles is a major problem faced by both men and women. Best natural home remedy to prevent dark circle is by applying mint leaves paste. Apply the paste under eyes and wash it off after 1 hour. Do this skincare routine daily for 2 weeks and you will definitely notice some change.
  4. Sun heat can cause skin burn or drieness. The best natural remedy to calm down the skin from sun is by applying mint leaves paste. You will notice cool feeling as soon as you apply it.