Kia Seltos Expects Good Sales in 2020 After Dec Slowdown

The Korean carmaker Kia has tasted success in India with its launch vehicle Seltos in India in August 2019. The company sold about 40000 cars in just 4 months dwarfing other company car sales and overcoming the slowdown in the vehicle market.

But the December sales report of Kia Seltos sales show us that the sales have come down to 4645. This can be because of the year end car offers by other carmakers and also the people delaying to buy cars in December as they can get a complete new year model if they wait for just 30 days.

However Kia motors parent company Hyundai Motor sold 6719 SUV Creta vehicles in December 2019 by offering discounts. Kia has increased the price of its Seltos car by Rs 35000 from Jan 1, 2020.

To be relevant in the business of ev Kia is planning to launch seltos electric in 2020 worldwide which is expected to travel about 390 kms with a charge.

Looks like Kia is not much worried about its low sales in Dec 2019 as it has a good order book and also it expects to get new bookings for its yet to be launched Carnival MPV. The expected MPV from Kia is will directly compete with Toyota Innova by offering automatic doors, luxury seating with a 2.2-litre turbocharged diesel engine all at competitive price.