Muthoot Finance Share Split Delayed

Muthoot Finance share price has fell about 2 percent in the initial trading hours on Monday. The company has once again postponed its plan to split the shares. The Muthoot Finance Ltd board of directors have decided in a meeting on Saturday.

The Muthoot Finance share price opened at Rs 1140 from its previous closing Rs 1202.95. With the increase in gold prices the company’s share price has increased sharply in the last few months. On March 23, 2020 the Muthoot share price is Rs 508.30 and now it is trading closer to its all time high.

In the regulatory filing the company said it deferred stock split because of the uncertainties in the market due to the coronavirus pandemic. The future date for stock will be announced in the coming days.

Though the news of Muthoot Finance split deferment is out, the share price stood strong without much fluctuation.