6 Simple Things To Know Before Buying A Car

Once you decide to buy a car there are very simple things to choose the best car that suit your needs. There is no need of doing complicated research and running around showrooms and spending hours on Google. Here are 6 simple things to know before buying a car.

First step would to choose the type of vehicle. Would it be a hatchback, sedan, compact SUV, SUV or a luxury car. Then narrow down the search to 2 or 3 cars. Take a paper and write down the pros and cons of the cars. The list should include basic things like mileage, price, engine power, interior space and more.


This is the most common factor that influences the type of car we choose. Whatever the car we choose, should be in our budget and shouldn’t be a burden while paying monthly loan repayment.


This is the most crucial thing to note as a car with less mileage could put a hole in your pocket. Choose to buy a car depending on nature of your travel, whether long distances or inter-city travel.

Horse power

The more the hp the more speed your car goes. More horsepower gives faster acceleration. So think what are your requirements. The cars with more hp cost more.

Interior space

Normally any sedan cars in India would accommodate 5 passengers. The car with largest interior space will be more comfortable to sit and can carry a bit of more luggage.

Servicing cost

Cars definitely needs good servicing on time. Higher service costs can sometimes make you to delay it. Choose a brand that has reasonable and affordable car servicing prices. The number of service centers is also a decisive factor.

Car insurance

Most of us do not think about this aspect much but car insurance price is not cheaper anymore. Please take multiple quotes from the insurance companies. Choose a car insurance policy by considering some features like premium, cashless garages, claim rate, accidental damage coverage, theft policy and roadside assistance.

After calculating all the costs, consult family and friends to hear their say and buy a car and love it.