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CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Sample Paper 2020

The organization has officially put CBSE class 12 Accountancy sample paper 2020 pdf version for download. The SQP 2019-2020 sample has two parts A and B. The official download links are available below for your practice.

The Part A of CBSE Accountancy class 12 sample paper has 22 questions and as per the general guidelines it is compulsory for all. Part B has 2 options while Analysis of financial statements is the 1st option, Computerized Accounting is 2nd option and as per the instructions you need to attempt any one option from the Part B.

Folks gear up here are some sample questions that you can see from the CBSE class 12 accountancy sample paper 2020. ‘Complete the following statement’

Q) ‘Complete the following statement’
When a liability is discharged by a partner, at the time of dissolution, Capital Account is
credited because __ .

Q) Riyansh, Garv and Kavleen were partners in a firm sharing profit and loss in the ratio of 8:7:5.
On 2nd November 2018, Kavleen died. Kalveen’s share of profits till the date of her death was calculated at₹ 9,375. Pass the necessary journal entry.

Q) A and B are in partnership sharing profits and losses in the ratio of 3:2. They admit C into partnership with 1/5th share which he acquires equally from A and B. Accountant has calculated new profit sharing ratio as 5:3:2. Is accountant correct?

Those were the sample questions for a quick reference from CBSE class 12 accountancy paper. Download the entire 32 question paper and the marking scheme sheet from the below links.

Download CBSE Accountancy Class 12 Sample Paper Pdf Download the Accountancy – Class XII Marking Scheme (2019-20)