Bad News for Tesla as no plan to reduce Electric Cars Import tax

Bad news for Tesla as MoS Krishna Pal Gurjar said in Indian parliament today that presently there is no proposal under consideration with heavy industries to reduce import tax on Electric cars in India.The American Electric car manufacturer Tesla is trying hard to enter into the India car market via import route.

Tesla cars in India

Though this is a bad news for Tesla, Indian car manufacturers will be happy as they will have less competition. Electric cars market in India is slowly catching up and allowing foreign imports is not good for the industry. Month on month Tata Nexon EV is recording high number of sales.

Tesla plans to export the EV’s from China factory and import duty in India is in the range of 60 % to 100 % depending upon the car price. This has come as a hurdle to Elon Musk’s ambition. He several times tweeted that higher taxes are a hurdle to bring Tesla cars to India.

On the other note several Indian businessmen are asking Elon Musk to setup a full car manufacturing factory in India.

Elon Musk have to do a plan change to bring Tesla cars to India after the announcement from the Government of India.