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Meghan Markle In Saree Photos

Meghan Markle visited India in 2017 and she wore a beautiful saree to a program she attended then. Her saree photos were released in 2019 which made everyone think how beautiful she looks in a traditional Indian saree.

meghan markle saree photos

We do not know who chose the saree colour for Meghan Markle but she looked absolutely elegant and beautiful in a blue and green colour combination pattu saree. She did not go for a modern look in the saree was styled in more traditional way as she was attending the charity events. She paired the saree with a contrast mud colour elbow length blouse and the saree pallu is designed with wavy patterns. She is styled with a tikli and Indian bangles.

meghan markle in indian saree photos

Now as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have decided to give up their royal status in England and want to live life like common people is not hard for them. As we see Meghan in simple saree photos from the past gives us the insight that she can adjust to a simple life by quitting the royal pleasures.

meghan markle saree photos