Top Men Underwear Brands In India

India is a big country with huge men population. To cater the needs there are many underwear brands in India. We have compiled a top list of the brands. Please note that this is not a ranking list but it will help you out to select a new underwear brand when you want to switch from the previous one.

top indian underwear brands

Underwear is important aspect of men dressing. But with regular use they torn and become unusable, in that case we sometimes think of changing the brand we have been using from many years. It is not easy to change underwear brand as many of us not aware of the companies that are in the market. This men top underwear brands list guides you in selecting the brand you want.

VIP Innerwear

There are only few pure Indian brands that have presence all over India and VIP stands as the most reputed brand in the list. It sells and entire lineup of underwears, Brief , Trunks Vests, Junior, Panties under the name of Frenchie, Feelings and Leader.

Price starts from Rs 135 at many stores and online across India.


jockey underwear

This International brand established itself in India in a very short span of time. It attracted youth so much that young people started wearing sagging pants to show off Jockey underwear name on the strip. It is one of the top brands to have a huge number of standalone stores. They have expanded their product portfolio and now they sell vests, briefs, trunks, shorts, trackpants, socks, thermals, bras, panties, shapewear and sportswear under various sub brand names.

Underwear price for Jockey starts from Rs 130. You can buy them at online stores and also many offline stores across Indian.


rupa underwear

Rupa is an Indian innerwear company that is promoted by many Bollywood stars. In established companies list this is the oldest one. It sells men innerwear, kids and women innerwear under brand names like rupa, euro, softline, bumchums, macroman and thermocot.

Price for Rupa underwear and its sub brands starts from Rs 130. It is available in many shops and online stores in India.


hanes underwear

This is an iconic international brand which is in business from 1901. It sells briefs, cotton trunks, vests, bras, panties and sleepwear for men and women.

Price range starts for Hanes underwear from Rs 125 and is available on all major websites and at malls and shops.

Lux Cozi

lux cozi underwears

A top Indian innerwear brand which promotes its product range by Bollywood celebrities. Lux sells all the inner garments for men, women and kids under cozi, venus and karishma brand names. It is advertised on many television ads and it is popular in mid price range with good quality.

Underwears price starts from Rs 125 and you can buy Lux cozi online and also at clothing shops across India.

Dollar Industries Innerwear

dollar underwear

This is a Kolkata based company that sells innerwear under the brand name Dollar which is extensively promoted by Bollywood stars. It has entire innerwear lineup for men, women and kids. The mens underwear are sold under sub name Bigboss, J Class and ForceNXT.

Price for Dollar underwears starts from Rs 80 and is available at shops and online stores in India.

Amul Macho

amul macho

It is a very long established underwear brand in India that also sells vests, briefs, trunks. It has become a well known innerwear brand that most of the Indians recognise. Macho and comfy are its brand names.

You can buy it online or at many cloth stores with starting price range of Rs 95.


chromozome underwears india

This is the new entrant in the innerwear market and it has gained popularity among the youth with its underwears. It sells mens briefs, trunks, boxer shorts and vests in various colours, designs and styles.

The price range of chromozome underwears start from Rs 90. It is available on online platforms and across clothing shops.

Van Heusen

van heusen underwears

This is an international brand that has presence in India from a very long period. It is well known for its clothing range. Van Heusen mens underwear has slowly gained confidence among the people and it now sells vests, briefs and trunks for men. Women range includes bras, panties, athleisures, pyjamas, camisoles and lounge wear.

Van Heusen underwear price starts from Rs 209. It is available online and also at its stand alone stores.

U.S. Polo Assn

U.S. Polo Assn underwear

This international premium brand has amassed fans among the youth. Its innerwear lineup has become popular and trending these days. The affordable price range and its brand name sells the product. It sells briefs, trunks and vests in various colours and designs.

U.S. Polo Assn underwears price starts from Rs 209 on many Indian online shopping websites and at clothing outlets.

This is not an end on this exhaustive list of top men underwear brands. As Indian is a very big country with such huge men population, there are several brands that might have missed our eyes. Please let us our readers and fellow men find out about the new and latest underwear brands by adding a comment on this page. Bookmark this page and share it with your friends who are using stereotypical brand. Do not ignore Indian brands as they can surprise you with low cost and premium quality. I myself regularly use an International underwear brand but one day for no reason I bought and Indian underwear brand that is very comfortable, durable and low cost.