Uncut Diamond Jewellery Fashion Trend Is Evergreen

The beauty of jewellery is increased by its shine. For this reason, special attention should be given to the stones that are embedded in jewelry. The popular types of jewellery that have stones are Polki and Jadau.

uncut diamonds
Sonam Kapoor in a heavy diamond set

Polki jewellery is made with uncut diamond that is pure and in raw form. They look rustic and has more sheen  that is why heavy choker necklaces, jadau polkis and necklace sets are made commonly with Uncut Diamonds. 

Wearing them with Emeralds, Rubies and Pearls will reflect the diamond luster more clearly.  Such a combination of jewelry should match the color of the dress.  

Layered necklaces are the latest  fashion trend. So choose a long chain, a short chain and a necklace made with choker uncut diamonds. This type of jewelry looks heavy and gives a great royal look. This type of jewelry is suitable to wear during festivals, marriages any traditional functions.

polki diamond set

Jadhau is not a jewelry type.It is a specific method of jewelry making. The Jadau method is used in the manufacture of jewelery, especially Kundan and Polki. The jewelry is made by dipping the stones in liquid form gold. The stone is firmly surrounded by the gold and the jewellery is made with the same.

As the polka jewellery has uncut and pure diamonds. It can be expensive and the price depends on the design and number of stones used.