3 Ultimate Benefits Of Playing Volleyball Not to Ignore

Volleyball is a popular sport worldwide. It is played at volleyball courts and also at beaches, homemade court and indoor court. You will be surprised to know that this popular social sport is a fantastic physical activity that has good number of benefits. This sport might look like an intense workout but it increases blood circulation and burns calories in a healthy way.

benefits of playing volleyball

How is volleyball played?

A professional way of playing volleyball involves two teams with six players on each side. The volleyball court is divided by a net in between. The main objective is to hit the ball with hand and send it to the opposite team side from over the net. If the opposite team fails to hit or send the ball back a point is given to the other team.

Sounds simple right. In a casual approach any number of players can be in a team. To keep it easy just 2 players can play volleyball.

What are the health benefits of playing volleyball?

1. Burns Calories and Fat

You might be wondering which kind of exercise burns the most calories? But there is no need for that as volley ball is one good thing that burn calories and fat. Playing an aggressive game for 30 minutes will help in burning about 120 to 178 calories. A moderate to less intense 30 minute volleyball game can burn 90 to 134 calories naturally. Volleyball is the coolest way to lose weight fast naturally and aid in preventing heart diseases, hypertension and diabetes.

2. Rejuvenates Mental Health

Volleyball is a team sport. Regularly playing will help you in socializing more and will make you new friends. As the entire team play to achieve a single target you are tend to focus more. Positive effects of playing volleyball are it reduces anxiety, stress and increases confidence, these all improves mental health and will help your daily life.

3. Increases and Tones Muscle

The strength you put and the body movement while playing volleyball will help you in getting good and toned body shape. You will gain good muscle in the upper and lower body. Squatting , constant use of hand, legs and arms is not less than a full body exercise and helps in improving the muscular system  strengthens thighs, lower legs, arms and shoulders. 

Not just above 3 benefits of playing volleyball but also it increases your body’s aerobic activity which help you live healthier and longer. Your speed, balance and coordination skills will increase tremendously while playing volleyball. You can adapt them in your daily life routine.