3 Yoga Asanas For Good Mood

Yoga is considered to be a natural physical fitness booster. It is amazing that yoga is also known to improve mental health. These benefits include stress relief, anxiety relief, improves focus and creates a good mood. Surprisingly it gradually reduces the symptoms of insomnia and depression. These amazing benefits of yoga for mental well being can be achieved by any one who practices yoga daily.

As a beginner you are not required to jump in and do all the asanas or poses in a single day. Just practice few of them and master them. It gives you complete confidence, relief and good mental health gradually. Highly trained and respectable Yoga guru acharya sadha shiva das gives us some insights on the yoga asanas that help us in this situation.

Here are the 3 best yoga asanas for good mood and strong mental health that you can start with.

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Viparita karani or legs up the wall pose

This is an effective and simple yoga asana for anxiety. Viparita karani pose helps a person to relax and calm the mind. It works as a charming mechanism to stimulate nervous system. The increased blood flow to brain reduces the risk of depression and insomnia.

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Uttanasana or standing forward bend pose

This pose increase the oxified blood flow to the brain as the heart is positioned above it. The uttanasana is a forward stretch pose which also strengthens the back muscles and increases the flexibility. Do uttanasana daily to get relief from stress, and anxiety.

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Savasana or corpse pose

A simple and amazingly effective savasana pose is practiced at the end of a yoga session. It soothes the brain functioning by slowing relaxing it, boosts memory and mental health. This works like an entire body relaxing asana which is simple as it sounds.

Yoga is also a mental balancing activity that gradually improves overall mental fitness. So practicing it daily will show up some quick results.