4 Sara Ali Khan Weight Loss Workouts That Even You Can Do

Sara Ali Khan is no less than an inspiring icon when it comes to fitness. Her fat to fitness transformation makes us to set fitness goals to weight loss and mental strength. Here are 4 workouts that helped Sara Ali Khan to lose weight and achieve a slim figure in a healthy way.

Before we go any further about her exercises it is important for us to know that before doing Bollywood movies Sara weighed about 96 kgs. She was also dealing with PCOS and obsession for pizza which could be the reasons for her over weight.

She always wanted to be part of Bollywood as a heroine and as the daughter of actress Amrita Singh and Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan she would have got many film offers. But her weight and fitness were becoming hurdles for her. She at one time categorically said who would want to see a 96 kgs heroine on the screen. Her strong will to achieve good health and becoming a Bollywood actress and her mother motivated to set fitness goals. With her lifestyle change and fitness routine now she has become a craze in youth for her beauty, acting, dedication and fitness.

So what exactly are those 4 fitness exercises and routines that transformed Sara Ali Khan, we will have a look.


It is a modern form of yoga that is focused more on fitness and weight loss. It is a whole body workout with fusion of traditional yoga that gives the benefits of cardio and aerobics. It improves strength, flexibility and mental stability.

2. Functional Training

It is a type of training that targets core muscles of lower back and abdomen. Some of the exercise that are part of functional training are squat, bicep curls, tai chi, deadlifts, lunges, pushups ,etc. These exercises strengthen you to perform your daily activities.

3. Pilates

Pilates are Bollywood’s favourite exercise routine that is followed by many actress like Malaika Arora, Kareena Kapoor, Kiara Advani and more. These form of exercises have low impact workouts that targets in improving flexibility, muscle strengthening, balancing and posture correction.

4. Heavyweight Cardio

These are high intensity exercises that involves workouts that help to burn fat. Exercises like Kettlebell Swing, Medicine Ball Slam, Dumbbell Overhead Lunge are part of heavyweight cardio. These exercises significantly improves metabolism rate and burns fat.

These are the exercises that helped Sara Ali Khan to transform from fat to fit. She also changed her diet by including more salads and reduced eating fatty foods. She spent about 2 hours daily on her workout routine for a long period of time and now she has want she wanted to feel empowered and being strong emotionally and physically.