Benefits Of Aerobic Exercises For Physical And Mental Health

Aerobic exercises burn calories and strengthens muscles and
improves heart health. These are the health benefits of aerobic exercises.

However, a recent study has shown that aerobic exercise can also improve brain health. Aerobic exercise for at least 150 minutes each week has a positive impact on health.

The study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine states that aerobic activity improves blood circulation in the body.

Problems like high blood pressure will be at bay. The positive effects on the brain are it increases memory. It also stimulates the production of neurotrophins. Chances of mental problems such as depression, stress and dementia will be reduced.

Mental Health Benefits Of Aerobics

Improved memory
Good sleep
Strong mind
Increased self confidence

Physical Health Benefits Of Aerobics

Improves heart health
Lowers blood pressure
Helps in weight loss
Increases stamina
Increases immunity
Strengthens muscles
Improves flexibility