Pilates Keeps Deepika Padukone Young And Beautiful

Deepika Padukone is now 33 and it does not mean that she has to slow down. The bollywood actress is also fitness buff who follows a fitness routine to keep herself strong, fit and beautiful. She prefers pilates exercise for  a perfect toned body. The trending latest exercise pilates is favourite of many bollywood actress, actors, models and fitness fans.The bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone has become fond of
pilates and recent viral social media video will convince us to believe that it
is true.

Yasmin Karachiwala captioned the video
“You are as young as your spine is flexible….. Joseph Pilates #MondayMotivation: Deepika Padukone Advanced Bridging on the #Cadillac effortlessly. Seeing her spine move, I say she’ll be young forever!!! Don’t you agree?”
Deepika in her several fitness videos in the past is vocal
about doing pilates because that helps her to maintain the beautiful figure.

Pilates is not just for celebrities anyone can do at home also on a pilates mat. It helps in strengthening abs, core and small muscles, improves posture and helps to tone the body.

Cadillac is one pilates machine or equipment that you can check out online or find a gym or a fitness center to see it functioning. It helps in increasing your pilates workout. Bridging exercise that Deepika is doing in the video helps in reducing stress and anxiety, strengthens muscles also.

When talking about fitness routine Deepika Padukone follows a plan that is required as per her her film. She supports her exercises by eating healthy diet that include two egg whites, low fat milk and south Indian tiffins like dosa, idli, and rava upma for breakfast. She prefers chapatis, vegetables and grilled fish for lunch and for dinner she enjoys chapatis, vegetable curries, salads, fresh juices and dark chocolate.