This Ice cream cost is Rs 60000 Do you want to eat it ?

Do you like ice creams? Want to try new new flavors! However, this ‘Black Diamond’ ice cream is a must try. If not, you have to go to Dubai to eat this Rs 60000 ice cream. Sixty thousand ice cream! Do not be surprised that. This ice cream has that specialty.

Rs 60000 gold plate icecream

In the old days, ice stick costed only fifty paise or one rupee. Now strawberry, butter scotch, and vanilla flavor icecreams can also be eaten at reasonable prices. But, to eat this world famous ‘Black Diamond’ ice cream would cost Rs 60000 (sixty thousand rupees). Doubt why this ice cream is actually costly. Because this ice cream is sprinkled with thin golden flakes.

The gold-plated black diamond ice cream has been on sale at Scoopy Cafe in Dubai since 2015. The vanilla ice cream with black mushrooms and saffron is sprinkled with 23 carat gold flakes. Recently, Bollywood actress and traveler Shenaz Treasurywala also tasted this ice cream. She posted her experience on Instagram after eating ice cream. With that, ‘Black Diamond’ has now again become a hot topic on social media.