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Top 10 Food Types In India

top 10 foods in india

India is a big diverse country with many regions having different religions, cultures, languages, lifestyle and foods. It is notable that even in a single state the types of food can change from region to region. The cooking style and the taste levels highly change. But there are regular foods that are mostly consumed by the Indians which can be listed in the top 10 foods of India.

1. Rice

top food in india

Rice is the staple food in many states of India, it is the most consumed food item by the people. The raw rice is cooked with water until it becomes soft to eat. It is eaten with vegetarian and non vegetarian curries, chutneys and pickles. The popular dish Biryani is made with Basmati Rice and there are hundreds of variants in the rice. Interestingly every state has their own type of rice.

2. Roti or Chapati

top 10 foods in india

This is the staple food in some of the Indian states. This is usually made with wheat flour. The dough is mixed with water and formed to round shape and then cooked on a pan. It can be eaten with curries and pickles.

3. Dal ( Pulses)

popular food in india

This is the basic curry of many Indians. Raw daal is cooked in water and some spices are added to it for the taste. It can be eaten with rice, roti and other foods. There are many type of dals and the popular one across India is toor dal and moong dal. Dals are not just used for making curries but its flour is the basic ingredient to make many varieties of Indian snacks and foods.

4. Milk

For most of the Indians the day would not start without consuming milk. They consume the milk directly or make it tea or coffee. There are several byproducts like ghee, curd, paneer, cheese, ice cream and butter are made with milk. Milk and its by products are used in cooking and making sweets. India is the number one in milk consumption countries in the world and it obviously makes to the top 10 foods list.

5. Curries

curries top 10 foods in india

The world famous curries are now cooked around the world. Usually curry is made with vegetables, chicken, mutton, etc items by cooking in oil and adding spices for taste. A curry is mixed with rice or eaten with rotis. The style of making curries is highly different from state to state. There will be gravy and fry types of curries.

7. Pickles

pickles top foods in india

Pickles in India are made in different styles and they taste completely different from region to region. A pickle is like a side food for taste enhancement. It can be made with vegetables, chicken and mutton also.

8. Fish Curries

Fish is the staple food item in many of the Indian states that are on the coastal line and the North Eastern states. Again the fish cooking styles, recipes and the recipes vary from each other.

9. Eggs

India is one of the biggest country in egg production and consumption. The high protein content makes it the healthy food. Usually people eat boiled eggs or make it a omelette by adding salt and chilli powder. There are many styles of cooking egg in India that is different from region to region.

10. Noodles

Noodles are the favourite food of many and India is at the fourth place in the worlds noodles consumption list. In India instant noodles are popular as they can be cooked at home. Outside eateries mostly serve the rice noodles type that are made in veg and non veg styles.


top 10 foods in india

Like people in the other countries, Indians also love sweets. Most of the Indian sweets are milk and flour based. Sugar and jaggery is widely used to make them. Consumption of sweets made with chocolates is also on the rise. Gulab Jamun is the most common sweet item in India that is made at home and also available at the sweet shops.

This is the list of top 10 foods items that are common and regularly people eat. As we go deep into the Indian cuisine we can notice these are the items used in many Indian recipes. This information can help people who want to gain knowledge of Indian foods, culture and also come in handy when you visit India.