Tanishq Jewellery Ad Angers Indians, Adv Removed

Popular Indian jewellery brand Tanishq ad campaign featuring an interfaith marriage and baby shower has angered netizens all across India. A #boycotttanishq campaign has been triggered on twitter as more and more people felt it is anti Hindu. Following the backlash from the public on the advertisement, Tanishq has removed this video from the Youtube.

People shared photos of the company putting apology letters at Tanishq stores in Gujarat. On the business perspective the festive season is very important for any jewellery store and they cannot risk losing business.

Tanishq apology letter at stores in Gujarat

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, requested Hindus to stay conscious and save civilisation quoting #tanishq

This is the time businesses and PR agencies respect the public sentiment and come up with meaningful advertisements and win trust of the people.