4 Daily Foods that Increase Immunity Power in Children

immunity foods for children

Infants and children have little immunity compared to adults. The chances of getting diseases are high in this age bracket. Especially cough, cold and fevers are more common in this season. As everyone says prevention is better than cure we can increase immunity in our children by giving them these high immunity increasing foods at home. Cooking these home mades foods and feeding them will help in reducing the chances of getting diseases in children. Nutritionist Sameera gives us a simple list of food items that increase immunity in children.

yogurt boosts immunity

1> Yogurt : Though many kids try to avoid eating yogurt or curd, we should make sure that children eat yogurt regularly. It helps in killing bad bacteria and also aids in digestion. The calcium content makes bones stronger. Parents can mix fruit paste to make yogurt flavorful and definitely children will love it.

oranges increase immunity in children

2> Citrus fruits: Vitamin C is very crucial for the well being of human body and it is available abundantly in citrus fruits. Lemons, oranges, berries and grapes are some of the Vitamin C fruits that are easily available to buy and are affordable. Vitamin C loaded foods increases the immunity power in children and thus prevents cold and coughs.

nuts boost immunity in children

3> Nuts: There are wide variety of nuts in Indian stores that you can give children to eat. The nutrients and protein content in nuts like peanuts, cashews, almonds are essential for the growth of children. They make kids and children become stronger and boosts immunity. You can make powder of the roasted nuts and add it in them in other foods, so children will not miss these essential foods.

oranges increase immunity in children

4> Carrots: These are the most easily available vegetable that most kids and children love to eat. As the carrots are loaded with Vitamin A and Zinc in abundance the eyesight and body’s immunity will increase. Eating boiled carrots daily will help in children motion problem. Boiled carrots made to fine paste with little salt and pepper is the simplest recipe that kids will love.