Best Feng Shui Plants That Should Be In Your Home And Office

Feng Shui plants can contribute to positive energy and help us prosper in many ways. A right feng shui plant may help in stabilizing the energies in home or at office to create a positive atmosphere. They can bring you good luck and fortune and also induce positive elements in the air and water to neutralize the negative energy.

Lucky Bamboo

lucky_bamboo1.jpg (330×370)

Lucky Bamboo is the most easily available feng shui plant and also considered as most lucky plant for inviting positive feng shui energy into home or office. The number of stems of the plant determine on which front it can bring the most luck to.

Money Tree

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Money Tree the name itself tempts us to buy this tree. It carries a scientific name Pachira aquatic and as per feng shui it brings you luck and fortune. This is a bonsai style tree that can grow 3ft to 6ft high in the indoors also.  Feng shui  suggests to place money tree in the southeast area of your home or workplace. This plant is not considered to be fortunate enough when it is kept in  bathrooms, bedrooms and at spiritual places.

Jade Plant

This plant is a succulent variety of species and popularly also known as money tree. Jade plant is said to activate positive energy in your premises to attract wealth. They look beautiful and have vibrant green leaves that resemble jade coins. Jade plants should be placed in your money area like the money tree.

Peace Lily Plant

It also has a scientific name Spathiphyllum and this plant is native to Tropical American areas. Peace Lily for feng shui is considered to bring good health,  peace, tranquility and solitude. It is considered a good plant that can even purify pollutants like benzene and formaldehyde from the air. 

Spider Plant 

This is a popular grown plant in houses and it scientific name is Chlorophytum comosum  and is native to Southern Africa. As per feng shui it is a plant that can bring good health. Like peace lily plant it is also said to purify intoxicants in the air. This plant requires very less water and is easy to grow.
Plants that support positivity give your home an overall karmic improvement  when they are placed in your wealth and prosperity corner. There are other plants like orchids that can be placed in bedroom for calmness and peace in your life. An aloe plant in the bathroom may help in healing.