7 Tips To Clean And Care Your Curtains And Drapes

Curtains for Windows or doors are widely used in homes and offices. We use  expensive to low cost curtains as per our need and budget. We always wish them to be hanging there in good condition. So Curtains need proper care to withstand for longer time.

curtains care

Why do we use curtains?
Curtains are used in many countries from ancient times. In countries like United States they are called drapes. Now in this century also the usage of curtains increased. They are like our protectors. They provide us with privacy when there are see through windows and also door curtains prevent others looking directly into house,  protect us from sun light and heat, prevents dust when windows are opened and adds beauty to the home. Curtains or drapes have become essential part of home decor.

How to care for longevity of the curtains?
As they take care of us, we need to take care of them by following these simple and important tips.

  1. Curtains catch dust everyday, so dusting them with a soft brush weekly once and washing them once in a month or two is advisable.
  2. Dark shade curtains should have lining so  that they do not fade quickly when direct sunlight falls on them. If curtains are very expensive it is better to give them for dry cleaning.
  3. Iron them in reverse if curtains are wrinkled after washing.
  4. Curtains that shine more have chances of wrinkling more after washing. So it is better not to twist them for removing water. Just hang them so that water drains and then dry as usually. 
  5. Sometimes we soak different colour curtains together for washing. This may spoil light coloured curtains. It is always better to wash curtains in cold water only.
  6. Iron curtains only with minimum heat so that they will be in good condition for longer time.
  7. If you have extra curtains store them in proper covers.