Easy Home Cleaning Tips To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Rainy season brings rains and not just that but also viral fever and other diseases.Kids and adults are affected by cough, cold and fever. Hospitals get busy treating these people. There might be several reasons that these diseases affect us but few things that we change or take care of can reduce the risk of getting these diseases and will keep us healthy and strong. Many doctors confirm that most common reason for getting viral fevers, dengue and chikungunya is because of mosquitoes. So how we will find out where these mosquitoes breed and what can we do to get rid of mosquitoes in the rainy season.

get rid of mosquitoes

Where do mosquitoes stay and breed ?
In the rainy season the chances of water stagnation is more. So the mosquitoes will have many places to stay and breed and increase their numbers. Aedes mosquito which transmits dengue virus and cause us dengue fever grows vigorously in stagnant water. Broken items, uncovered drums, air coolers are their comfort places. Usually they hide in the corners, kitchen sinks, under beds, under sofas and cupboards. Even uncovered dustbins are the best places where mosquitoes hide.

How can you get rid of mosquitoes by cleanliness?
The basic and important thing to do is to clear the stagnant water near our home and surroundings.
Old tyres, air coolers, unused flower pots, broken furniture should be cleaned up or removed. 

  • If water is stored in drums or containers for daily use, keep them covered  properly.
  • Get rid of any unused books and papers, furniture on the terrace.
  • Wash basins and kitchen sinks should be cleaned regularly and using dettol or any likewise liquids can help.  
  • Regularly clearing dustbins is needed. Properly pack the kitchen waste and give you to waste collection people only. Do not throw it in the open places.
  • Add some burnt engine oil or kerosene in the stagnant water that you cannot clear.
  • Keeping the locality or your area clean is also important. Forming a community to clean the premises or following up with the municipality staff to do the work is also necessary. 

These are only few suggestions. You can educate your friends, relative, colleagues and everyone in the society for a mosquito free world.