How To Clean Leather Bag At Home

clean leather bags
Love your leather bag and clean it often so it will serve for a longer period with shine

Leather bags are mostly used as handbags, office bags, purse and luggage bags and they can be pretty expensive. So learn how to clean a leather bag at home with simple ideas as this can help you to use it for a longer period without damage.

Leather plays prominent role in fashion industry and for people a pure leather item is a fashion statement. Be it handbags, belts, office bags, laptop bags, makeup bag, sofas, purse or any other leather item should be handled with care. Leather bags need some cleaning, so they will shine more and give a longer life. Here are some tips on you to guide in how to clean leather bag.

Remove the dust

With the regular use, leather bags might gather dirt and dust particles. So first thing you can do is to remove dust particles using a soft bristle brush. If you can turn inside out, clean that first and then go on the outerside. Other than brush you can use a computer cleaner vacuum which you can buy for low cost. Now once the dust is removed you can move on to the next step.

Make A Liquid

Mix some warm water and a mild liquid soap in a bowl. Use a clean cloth and dab it in the mixture, remove excess water by straining and gently clean the leather surface covering all the bag. Now use a soft clean dry cloth and wipe the bag fully, so any soapy material will be removed. Leave it to dry in a cool place. This method help in cleaning leather bags and can also remove water stains and any easy to go stains. But to remove stubborn stain on a leather bag the below tips might be helpful.

Oil Stains

Sometimes cooked foods may spill on the leather bags which can leave a yellowish oil stain. A simple method to clean it immediately is by using a facial wet wipe. It is the best thing as it is less harsh and has soapy content in it. Baking soda, face powder or cornstarch can also help you to remove the oil stains. Sprinkle any of these powders on the stain and let it sit for 5 to 6 hours, this will absorb the oil. Now use a soft cloth to wipe off.

Vinegar for leather cleaning

Mix one teaspoon Vinegar and two teaspoons of flaxseed oil and use this mixture to clean a leather bag with a soft cloth. Some experts believe vinegar might leave a stain on the bag.

The leather bags are not made with same material and quality, so cleaning solutions can be also different. It is better to do a spot test on the bag before applying any leather cleaning liquid or material.

If you are not sure about DIY or if you have less time. Then you can always buy a leather cleaning liquids, balms and gels

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