How To Grow Terrarium Plants At Home

When it comes to gifting a plant for any occasions like wedding, birthday and anniversary the first priority goes to terrarium. In terrarium method plants are grown in glass jars and arranged in unique shaped stones. The amazing thing is terrarium plants need little water and its maintenance is also easy. 

To make the terrarium attractive, a good glass vessel must be selected. Aquarium, Fish Bowls, Candy jars, Glass Bowls, Conical Flask Glass, Beakers are good choice can be used. If the vessel is dim, the sunlight will not come in. Size of the container should be decided  depending on the number of plants that you plan to grow in it.

These containers protect the plant from dust and dirt, high and low temperatures. Adequate moisture is necessary for the plants that are selected to grow in it. The moisture evaporated from the plants inside the glass vessel is retained on its walls and returned again to the roots. This method does not need excess water. The container must be covered with lid to keep the excess moisture inside.

How to arrange plants in a Terrarium?

Red soil, sand and organic manure should be mixed in equal quantities and filled to one and a half to two inches thick at the bottom of the vessel. Before planting, wet the soil mixture slightly. There is no possibility of excess water leaking out of the terrarium like the rest of the pots. So make sure the bottom of the roots is slightly watered. The vessel used should be mulched with shells, charcoal and a layer of sand.

Plants for Terrarium

Slow and small plants should be selected for growing in terrariums. You can choose from syngonium, sansevieria, billbergia, Lycmia, cryptanthus, selaginella, hedera helix, maranta, small growing ferns, fittonia, moneyplant, prayer plant, pilea, baby tears. All these plants can be found in nurseries.

Terrarium Decoration Ideas

The terrarium can be decorated with plants, colored stones, small toys, shells and decorative items.

How to arrange Terrarium plants in a container?

After choosing a container then think of the design. We need to determine the direction of the plants and objects that we want to see. First for small plants should be planted in a thin layer soil. Then plant big plants in a thick soil layer. Tall plants should be placed in the middle of the terrarium to be visible from all sides.

Pruning should be done if the plants rise to the top of the container. If there are flowering plants, only stems should be pruned. Care should be taken to avoid direct sunlight. It is better to install indirect light or artificial light to the plants.

Do you love this style for decorating your house then you can buy terrarium with plants at nurseries or can DIY by buying a container first and get the plants that are small and need low light.