Lord Krishna Idol Decoration Ideas At Home

Lord Krishna idol is placed in many households not just in pooja rooms but also in living room and halls. People love to decorate krishna idol with flowers, lights, diyas, garlands and other decorative items.

The historic vedas and books describe Lord Krishna as a beautiful God. His devotees sing bhajans praising his beauty. People just are so strongly attracted to his beauty and they love to put his idol in living room, halls, sitting areas and decorate it with love and care.

Here are Krishna idol decoration ideas that you can do for a festival day or for any day.

1. Brass Idol Decoration For Diwali

krishna brass idol diwali decoration

Image courtesy by Swetha Rao

This beautiful Krishna idol with flute is beautifully decorated with red and orange rose petals and green leaves garland. In the background many diyas are lit in the boxed shelves. This is a simple decoration idea with garland and diyas that is easy to do for Diwali. The diyas in the background brighten up the house and idol.

2. Lord Krishna glowing flower decoration ideas

white krishna idol decoration

Image courtesy by Veena

This white lord Krishna idol is incredibly decorated with lot of flowers and a rangoli. The idol is placed in the corner of a living room on a small round table. It is covered with a beautiful red flowers big garland. You can place well lit string bulbs along with artificial flower climbers beside the statue. This brings natural lighting effect and the glow to the idol. You can enhance the décor by placing natural roses, lilies and other colourful flowers in water filled vases. To bring a festive look to the whole decoration you can draw a leaf rangoli design infront of the idol. This is an exclusive any day decoration style.

3. Krishna Janmashtami Festival Decoration

janmashtami decoration

Image Courtsey by Divya

This main brass idol is placed on a stone pooja platform and well decorated with white and orange flowers garland.  In the background you can place round shaped item decorated with motis and many items. A small Baal Krishna idol is place in the front surrounded with chandramallika, roses and various flowers. This is a good decoration style for festivals and pooja.

4. Simple Radha Krishna Brass Idol decoration at Home

radha krishna decoration ideas

Image Courtesy by Surender Yerramsetty

Flowers have significant importance in deity decorations in India. They are beautifully arranged as garlands also in various shapes. This Radha Krishna brass idols are placed on round table in the living room and rose flowers,  chandramallika flowers are used in this simple and easy flower decoration at home. 

They are many more lord radha Krishna Idol decorations will be updated on this web page trending india. So please bookmark this page and keep returning for fresh ideas.


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