Low Cost Home Decorating Ideas That Are Simple To Try

Home is the place where we love to spend our most of the time. Many women and men usually keep it clean and arranged. Sometimes when there are occasions like ganapathi pooja, festivals, small get together, birthday parties and small functions the house need to be decorated with special care. As we Indians spend huge amount in jewellery, dressing,  food  and gifts again spending much money on home decoration may become difficult.  But there are some less costing and affordable home interior decorating tips and ideas for any season  that can save you money and make your home look more beautiful and appealing.

low cost home decoration ideas

Simple home decoration ideas without spending much and those ideas that you can do easily without much help from others

Sort the furniture
Try to re organize the furniture in the way that room should look big , spacious and wider. 

Get Some Plants
Try to decorate the corners or balcony with some low cost plants that you can buy from  a local plant shop. Go for regular plant varieties that are low cost and easy to grow like money plant, aloe vera, rose plant, areca palm and any plant that looks good and does not cost more. Plants are good for ganpati decoration ideas for home. Read this valuable information about 5 Indoor Plants That Clean Air For Better Health

Plants in home will increase the air quality and gives a good feeling

Wash Curtains
Brighten up the room by washing the window curtains. Use comfort liquid while washing to brighten them up and also your rooms will start smelling good. If you have budget to spend then you can get new curtains with bright colours and floral prints. Read this guide on how to clean the curtains 7 Tips To Clean And Care Your Curtains And Drapes

Washed and bright curtains will bring a fresh look to your home

Wall decoration
Decorate walls with small 4×6 size photo frames in different orders.  Try to buy  or four frames from  a local shop or online. Arrange them in unique order that will bring a new rich look to your home. If you have wall hangings place them around the frames for that extra cuteness.

wall decoration photo frames
Decorating your walls with photo frames is the simplest idea for classy look

Home decoration with lights
It will change the mood and look of your house instantly. We get small led strip lights, string lights and small strip bulbs from the market or online at very low these days, sometimes we can buy them on the roadside or at railway station vendors.  Just get those led lights arrange them around your plants, put them in a used glass bottle or arrange them in different shapes using a plastic winding wire.

Home decoration lights can brighten and make your home colourful

Decorative Pillows
There are wide variety of pillow covers available in the market.  Printed, handmade, Afghani, Kashmiri, polka and designer pillows are available at shops and online. Go for the good looking and low cost ones that you think are good for your home decoration.

Decorative pillow covers for diwan and sofa sets

Wall stickers
These days craze for wall stickers is increasing more and more in home décor. You can buy them online for as low as hundred rupees. There are many designs available that are suitable to your bedroom or living room.

hanging bird cage wall stickers
Tree hanging bird cage wall sticker

Try not to fill the rooms with full decorative items as this might eat away your free space and will make your home look small and cluttered. So keep things minimum when you are on a budget and bring out your creativity and apply it in your home decoration.