Air Travellers Could be Deboarded If Not Followed Covid Rules : DGCA

In a strict Covid measures implementation, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation has given orders to stop the passengers who do not wear the face masks before boarding the airplane.

As the number of Covid 19 cases have been increasing, the DGCA issued strict guidelines. The passengers who do not wear the mask or who wear it below the nose and fails to follow the request by the officials will be declared “unruly”.

The Indian aviation authority DGCA has given orders to airport operators, airlines and the CISF officials to ensure that the passengers follow the Covid guidelines by wearing a mask and maintain social distancing. The passengers who do not consent to the rules may be deboarded from the plane and could be handed over to the security.

The new DGCA order copy dated 13 March 2021

The new order from DGCA is issued after a high court judge observed the violations of Covid precautionary measures by the passengers on a domestic flight. The judge directed the authority to issue fresh guidelines.