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Bus Conductor To Become IAS or IPS Officer By Studying From Youtube

Success is no accident, it comes with hard work, learning from the past mistakes and luck. A bus conductor in Karnataka state could become and IAS officer if he pass the interview. 29 year old Madhu Kumar of Mandya district passed the Civil Services Examination and could soon become an IAS officer after passing Civils interview on March 25.

NC Madhu, of Malavalli in Mandya district is working as a conductor at the 34th BMTC depot in Kothanur Bangalore. At the age of 19, he became a conductor. He loved studying and always dreamed of becoming an IAS and to achieve his goal he completed a degree and PG through distance education. In 2014 he wrote Karnataka Administrative Service (KAS) in which he did not succeed and Union Public Service Commission  (UPSC ) exams in 2018 and 2019. In the year 2019, he passed the prelims UPSC exams in Kannada language with good marks. He also successfully passed the mains which he attempted in English.

Now conductor Madhu Kumar says he is happy and said his parents are happy for him tough they do not what exams he has cleared. He also said he started working at early age to support the family but he had higher goals, so he always worked towards it.

We all know how busy and tiring a conductor job will be, in spite of this Madhu Kumar never stepped back in achieving in his dream. He used to study 5 hours a day after and before the 8 hours job as a bus conductor in Bangalore.

Madhu says that he did not go anywhere for coaching and he prepared for the exams by watching coaching class videos on YouTube and took help of his senior officials and BMTC MD C Shikha. He said he is now focusing on the civils interview which will be conducted on March 25. We all wish him good luck.