India To Witness Chandra Grahan Tomorrow at 10:37 pm

India is all set to see Chandra Grahan on January 10th that will start at 10:37 pm IST till 2:42 am on January 11. It is the first lunar eclipse of the year 2020. You can watch it live on our website.

Lunar eclipse or chandra grahan 2020 can be seen with a naked eye but to watch solar eclipse directly you will need protective glasses. But as per Indian tradition it is not advised to see the eclipses. Temples and other spiritual places are closed at the time of grahanam and cleaned before reopening them after Grahan in India.

NASA has named lunar eclipse Jan 2020 as “Wolf Moon Eclipse” after howling wolves.

Spiritual people are cautious at viewing the lunar eclipse while atheists are rubbishing all the conspiracy theories and superstitions and encouraging to view the chandra grahan.

You can watch Jan 10 lunar eclipse 2020 live below on our website. The live streaming will start as per the time on the video.