India’s new bridges strengthen mobility, will calm down Border tensions with China

India has built 44 bridges to strenghen the mobility for the public and the armed forces that are guarding our country from the China and Pakistan. Out of the 44 Jammu and Kashmir has got 10, Ladakh gets 8, Himachal Pradesh got 2, Punjab-4 Uttarakhand-8,Arunachal-8 and Sikkim-4.

44 new bridges built to increase mobility

Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has inaugurated these 44 completed bridges.
Congratulations are pouring in for Border Roads Organisation for speedy construction of a network of bridges connecting India. This push to build border infrastructure is very crucial to India but some media has different view on the same.

A media group thinks that these new bridges will worsen border standoff with China. These media houses should learn to be loyal to their country. Strengthening infrastructure is part of development. Faster movement along the border will make the enemies to rethink their strategies. These constructions should have happened several years back.

About 40-50 bridges are under construction in Ladakh which will be completed between 6 months to one and a half years: Lt Gen Harpal Singh, DG, Border Roads Organisation (BRO)