Black Cat Commandos Of NSG withdrawn from VIP Security

The central Government of India has decided to withdraw the famous NSG black commandos from VIP security duties. When this comes into effective the security of 13 VVIPS will not be provided by NSG anymore and the job will done by the paramilitary forces. NSG security personnel are popularly called as Black Cat Commandos because of they wear complete black dress.

Government has reduced or restructured the security of Gandhi family and Manmohan Singh by withdrawing Special Protection Group (SPG) security earlier. Providing security to VIPs was not part of the NSG profile which is formed in 1984 but later this was altered. Now the National Security Guard removal for VIP protection comes as a powerful move as they will be used in terror operations and other elite missions.

With this decision from the Govt about 450 commandos will be available to serve the force directly. In 26/11 Mumbai attacks about 400 commandos were used. Keeping a reserve pool of commandos will help in quick response to eliminate the increasing threat from Pakistani terrorists and local militants.

Currently the 13 VVIPs who are provided security by NSG commandos might come into the cover of CISF or CRPF as there are many former NSG personnel working for these agencies now.