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Shocking information about Rs 2000 notes

A recent report comes as a shocking news to Indians who are using Rs 2000 notes. These high value currency notes are introduced after the note ban by Narendra Modi government. Then govt claimed that banning Rs 1000 old notes completely and bringing Rs 2000 will prevent fake currency.

The authorities said the new Rs 2000 are very secured and to make fake notes is highly impossible. However as per the latest reports Rs 2000 notes are easy to copy and are full of security flaws. In a rather shocking numbers the Rs 2000 notes accounts for more than 50% of the fake currency in India.

According to the data provided by NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau), the vast majority of counterfeit notes seized nationwide after the announcement of PM Narendra Modi’s demonetization were Rs 2000 notes which is 56 percentage of the total fake currency.

Data shows that Gujarat has highest percentage of fake currency in the India compared to any other state. This is rather surprising because Narendra Modi is from Gujarat and at the time of note ban he announced that government has made a historic decision to curb corruption, counterfeit notes and black money.