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Top 10 Noodles Brands In India

Indians love noodles, mostly they are children’s favourite food and according to a report India is the fourth largest market in the world among the top 10 countries. The packed instant noodles market is on rise with multinational and local companies making them at affordable price to the people. Here is the list of top 10 noodles brands in India that people are loving to eat.

1. Maggi Noodles


This is the most popular noodles in India. It is a product of Nestle and entered into the market in 1983. It is advertised by the company as “2 Minute noodles” which helped it to capture the major share in the noodles market of India. With the launch of Rs 5 and Rs 10 packs it has reached even the rural market.

Now Maggi sells a wide variety of instant noodles in various flavours like chicken noodles, masala, no onion no garlic, oats noodles, sweetcorn noodles. The most popular one is the maggi masala 2 minute noodles.

2. Yippee Noodles


Yippee Noodles is the brand of ITC an Indian multinational company. It launched yippee under the product range of sunfeast brand in the year 2010. The strong marketing and distribution network of ITC helped the noodles brand to spread in India at very fast phase and people loved it for its unique taste.

Yippee started with popular classic masala noodles and now it sells 9 flavours like crazy chow, madly manchurian, mystery masala and truly chicken.

3. Patanjali Noodles


The famous Patanjali noodles is the brand of Patanjali Ayurved Limited a pure Indian company run by Yoga guru Baba Ramdev and his aide Acharya Balkrishna. With the focus on healthier version of noodles Patanjali launched atta (wheat) noodles in the year 2015. Health conscious people loved it and it has gained a small percentage of share in the market. Its entry has forced other companies to start making atta (wheat noodles).

Now Patanjali noodles is sold in various flavours like chatpata, classic, desi masala, veggie.

4. Knorr Soupy Noodles


Hindustan Unilever brand Knorr which used to sell soups and other easy to cook foods entered into the instant noodles market in the year 2015 to compete with the major players. It advertised its noodles earlier as soupy noodles. The distribution network and marketing helped knorr to gain significant percent of share in the noodles business.

Now it sells flavours like masala chaska, cheese and herbs, schezwan, margherita.

5. Top Ramen


It is the popular international noodles that is sold by Nissin Foods. Top Ramen is launched in India in the year 1991. The unique flavour of these noodles has helped it to get a piece of market share. It is widely available at the major super markets.

Top Ramen sells customised flavours that are loved by Indians like masala, fiery chilli, chicken curry, veg curry, atta and oats.

6. Ching’s Noodles


Founded in the year 1996 by Ajay Gupta, Ching’s Secret sells instant noodles and other food items. This brand manufactures noodles with a touch of Chinese flavours. With the constant growth it made to the list of top 10 selling noodles brand in India.

Ching’s noodles are now available in flavours like manchurian, schezwan and hot garlic.

7. Wai Wai Noodles

wai wai-noodles-top-noodles-to-buy-in-india

Wai Wai Noodles is a Nepali brand which is sold by CG Foods (India) Pvt. Ltd from the year 2005. It has significant presence in India and is widely available at most of the super markets.

The wide variety of Wai Wai noodles are available in flavours like veg masala, chicken masala, spicy curry, masala delight, jain masala and egg noodles.

8. Foodles Noodles

horlicks foodles-top-10-noodles-to-buy-in-india

Foodles is sold under the brand name Horlicks by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd. Foodles is advertised as an healthy instant noodles which contains rice, wheat, ragi and corn which contain vitamins, iron and calcium.

Foodles are available in varieties like ala masala, multi grain, mast masala and curry in a hurry.

9. Koka Noodles

best noodles in india

A significantly less known Singapore noodles brand which is gaining market in India is Koka noodles. Its parent company is Tat Hui Foods. It is currently available only in the big supermarkets and online.

Koka noodles is offering new flavours that Indians didn’t taste earlier like laksa singapura, lobster flavour, mushroom, crab and original vegetable.

10. Reliance Select Noodles


This is the product sold by Reliance Retail at their supermarkets. It is their inhouse noodles brand. As these super markets stock up Select brand noodles at competitive price people often buy them. It is sold in India wherever there are Reliance Fresh, Reliance Mart and other Reliance outlets are available.

It is available in masala flavour.

There are many local instant noodle brand available in the market like naturally yours, mama, ottogi, joymee that couldn’t make to the list of top 10 noodles in India you can buy.