Top 10 Largest States In India By Area

India is the 7th largest country in the world that is spread across 3,287,263 square kilometers area. There are 28 states and 9 union territories in India which are spread in a sizeable area. Here is the top 11 states list for your knowledge. This is freshly updated list after the state of Jammu and Kashmir is divided to 2 Union territories that is J&K UT and Ladakh in October 2019. This reduced the number of states in India to 28 while number of union territories are increased to 9. Interestingly before this bifurcation Jammu & Kashmir state was the fifth largest state in India.

Top 10 largest states in India which have big area

1. Rajasthan

top 10 largest states in india by area
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Area : 3,42,269 square kilometers

Capital: Jaipur

Formed In: 1 Nov 1956

Population: 6,85,48,437

Official Language: Hindi

No. of Districts: 33

2. Madhya Pradesh

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Area : 3,08,252 square kilometers

Capital: Bhopal

Formed In: 1 Nov 1956

Population: 72,626,809

Official Language: Hindi

No. of Districts: 51

3. Maharashtra

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Area : 3,07,713 square kilometers

Capital: Mumbai

Formed In: 1 May 1960

Population: 11,23,74,333

Official Language: Marathi

No. of Districts: 36

4. Uttar Pradesh

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Area : 243,286 square kilometers

Capital: Lucknow

Formed In: 26 January 1950

Population: 19,98,12,341

Official Language: Hindi

No. of Districts: 75

5. Gujarat


Area : 196,024 square kilometers

Capital: Gandhinagar

Formed In: 1 May 1960

Population: 6,04,39,692

Official Language: Gujarati

No. of Districts: 26

6. Karnataka

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Area : 191,791 square kilometers

Capital: Bangalore

Formed In: 1 Nov 1956

Population: 6,10,95,297

Official Language: Kannada

No. of Districts: 28

7. Andhra Pradesh

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Area : 1,60,205 square kilometers

Capital: Hyderabad –

Formed In: 1 October 1953

Population: 4,95,06,799

Official Language: Telugu

No. of Districts: 13

8. Odisha

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Area : 1,55,820 square kilometers

Capital: Bhubaneswar

Formed In: 1 April 1936

Population: 4,19,74,218

Official Language: Odia

No. of Districts: 30


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Area : 1,35,194 square kilometers

Capital: Naya Raipur

Formed In: 1 November 2000

Population: 2,55,45,198

Official Language: Hindi

No. of Districts: 27

10. Tamil Nadu

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Area : 1,30,058 square kilometers

Capital: Chennai

Formed In: 26 January 1950

Population: 7,21,47,030

Official Language: Tamil

No. of Districts: 37

Goa is the smallest state in India by area and Uttar Pradesh is the state with highest population in India. This is a very resourceful and knowledgeable information for students and competitive exams aspirants.