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Bill Gates praises WHO, Unhappy with US on Coronavirus response

Bill Gates Unhappy With US Coronavirus Response

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates responded to the aftermath events of the coronavirus outbreak. While many countries around the world are blaming China for the spread of coronavirus, his words were soft on the country. He said it was not the time to make allegations against China for the COVID-19. He suggested to come up with a competent plan to combat the pandemic.

Bill Gates said China took corrective measures in the early days of the virus spread but failed to contain the disease in the later stages. He also felt the need for the country to look back.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates sounded unhappy with the US response to the coronavirus pandemic. He said some countries reacted too fast to control the corona outbreak and escaped a huge economic collapse but America failed.

The next step is to advance the science of protecting humanity Bill Gates said. There is a need to focus on key issues such as rapid screening for coronavirus, treatment of patients, and preparation of vaccines as early as possible.

Bill Gates also lashed out at the criticism of the WHO. He praised the organization’s effort in dealing with the Coronavirus.