Boycott Amazon Is Trending On Twitter In India

The e-commerce giant Amazon is once again facing the wrath of Indians as the people are angry with it because of the doormats and other products with Hindu god photos on them are listed on its website.

This is not the first time Amazon is in this situation. In the previous years the same has happened and it caught the attention of the entire nation. Then the company apologised and regretted for the act and removed the objectionable products from their website.

People have been posting the objectionable product photos from the Amazon website on the twitter with hashtag boycott Amazon. Indian is a nation which accepts follows traditions very strictly and prays to gods and the companies running business in India should accept this and work accordingly.

We have to wait for the response from the company on Boycott Amazon campaign on twitter. Meanwhile the retail traders in India are planning to stage protest on Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos India visit to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss business in India.

The traders are angry with the competitive pricing and the stiff competition from Amazon. The Competition Commission of India (CCI) is also watching the situation and may step in the put regulations on its business.