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China Send Doctors To Save North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un


Several news and articles about the health of the North Korean dictator, President Kim Jong Un, has been making headlines in the International media. How much of these theories are true is not known. After April 11, Kim has been the subject of media speculation.

It is rumored that Kim was overweight and has a chainsmoking cigarette habit and he is now in grave condition with an unsuccessful heart operation and was being treated on ventilator support. But North Korea’s arc rival, South Korea claims that this is not the case and another nearby country Japan media reports that Kim is on the ventilator.

However, the US has also responded about Kim’s health. Trump recently said that Kim is pretty much healthy. China, an ally of North Korea, seems to have sent a team of doctors. These circumstances ignited more doubts about the health of Kim Jong Un. As per the media reports many are questioning why would China send doctors to North Korea if Kim Jong Un is healthy.

In a few days, we expect more clarity on North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un’s health condition.