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Fines of up to €10000 Euros in Germany For Not Wearing Face Mask

Germany makes face mask compulsory rule

European country Germany is getting back on track after the coronavirus crisis. All the states in the country have made wearing a face mask a compulsory rule. People failing to wear a mask in public places will be fined from €25 to 10,000 euros in Germany from now.

As of today, Germany has recorded over 1,58,000 corona positive cases and 5985 deaths. Only strict measures can contain the spread of the virus according to the experts from the university.

People traveling in public transport like buses and trains and at shops must wear face masks as this is now made legislation. A piece of cloth or a scarf that covers nose and mouth is also allowed as per the officials in Germany. The repeated offenders might be fined with incremental penalties.

Some states are relaxing the fines for a few days until the people get used to the new legislation.