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Oxford University Sarah Gilbert Hopes Coronavirus Vaccine In September


The experiments on human beings for the COVID vaccine, developed by the prestigious Oxford University in the UK, began on Thursday. The vaccine is being developed by a team led by Sarah Gilbert of the University of Oxford. She had previously developed the Ebola vaccine. The UK government has allocated about Rs.180 crore for the latest program.

This news comes as a relief to the world as Oxford University is a credible organization that is a renowned institute. The UK scientist Sarah Gilbert said she is confident that the coronavirus vaccine would work and is 80 percent confident. She claimed that the COVID vaccine could be ready by September this year.

Many organizations, research institutes, and pharma companies are working hard to develop a corona vaccine that can save the world. Currently, the development of medicine is in different phases.

While the coronavirus update in the UK is grim with 20,319 deaths and 1,48,300 cases there is an urgent need of medicine to save people from the pandemic.