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Saudi Arabia Abolishes Whip Lashing Punishment


Saudi Arabia has finally abolished flogging. It means we are not going to witness brutal lashing with a whip in front of the public. Alternatively, the crimes which attracted whipping as penalty now are eligible for imprisonment, fines, or both. According to a document, the Supreme Court General Commission has decided to do so. The document states that this decision was taken as a continuation of human rights reforms with the orders of King Salman.

However, punishments such as beheading for theft or beheading for committing a murder remain the same. If convicted of adultery and other crimes, so far the punishment was lashings with a whip openly in the public. However, it is notable that finally Saudi Arabia has cancelled this punishment.

The lack of a codified system for this process meant that different judges were making their own judgments earlier. However, Human Rights Watch believes that abolishing the lash punishment is a good decision.

There is huge criticism in the world about the human rights condition in Saudi Arabia and its ruler Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) is committed to reforms.